No, this post isn’t about some wired connection between thanksgiving and iron supplementation… I am just about to head out to meet up with my brothers for our signature “Thanksgiving day morning lift.” Basically we just get together and have fun moving some iron.

I thought I’d go ahead and post the workout I have planned out for us on here in case anyone was looking for a good Thanksgiving workout.

This workout is something I just came up with last night and does not really fit in to my current training cycle, but sometimes you gotta mix things up. The goals I had in mind while writing this workout were pretty simple…

Have a good, but tough workout

Deplete glycogen stores since I will be CARB Loading the rest of the day with pie, potatoes, breads and anything else my family has made (no, I don’t hold back on thanksgiving– and for everyone trying to build muscle and get huuuge– this holiday is a bulker’s dream)

Finally, I wanted to make sure it was fun.

Thanksgiving Day Workout:

1. Deadlift- 3RM
2a) BB Military Press 5RM
2b) Neutral Grip Chins- 3xAs many reps as possible (AMRAP)
3a) TRX Pushups 2x AMRAP
3b) Band Face Pull 2×10-12
4) 5-10 minutes of free time (curls, shrugs, lateral raises– anything you find fun)

Well, it’s time to go meet up with my bro’s, give the above workout a try if you were planning on training today, it will be a nice change up and you’ll likely have some fun.


I remember when I first got really interested in lifting weights back in college. I was a young and shy lad… ok maybe not, but I really wanted to use the word “lad.”

In all honesty, the gym at my college was usually PACKED with football players—who a little scrawny guy like myself was terrified of– at the time that I was able to lift at night and since I was in the town that I grew up in (and basically owned the place) I usually opted to go to my high school, where in the evening there would only be one or two other people there—meaning I basically had the strength and conditioning room all to my self—which was pretty cool.

There was only one problem; I had no one to train with a lot of the time. It seems like a lot of people push you to train with a partner (and I agree), but why is this really necessary? continue reading…


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